7B, Krastio Sarafov Str.
Sofia, Bulgaria


Know-How / Show-How Summer School
for Creative thinking and Design Processes – 2015 and 2016

KHSH Summer program is a collaboration between cultural and design enthusiasts from the Netherlands and Bulgaria. The team consists of Dima Stefanova, Henk Groendijk (Icecreamdesign/ KnowHow Foundation, Amsterdam), Bilyana Necheva and Andrean Nechev (Culture Desk, Sofia).

Know-How / Show-How Summer school supports the development of young emerging designers and creatives of all trades. We are looking for those who are interested in working in an interdisciplinary manner with international professionals, educators and experts from the European’s creative and educational community. Through workshops, exhibitions, exploratory studies and lectures we are examining questions and topics that are central for practitioners of today.



IETM Autumn Plenary Meeting, Sofia - Bulgaria, 16 - 19 October 2014

Culture Desk Foundation was one of the local partners in the organization of the Autumn Plenary meeting of the IETM network in Sofia, 16-19 October 2014. As a partner, CDF was engaged in the:

- management of the local team
- fundraising
- communication with the IETM team
- co-programing of the discussion panels
- communication of the event
- logistical issues
- coordination of the team during the meeting
- financial management of the event
- financial and content reports to donors



ACT Festival of Independent Theatre 2013 / Adding a value

The festival aims to be an annual forum for autonomous artists and organizations in the field of performing arts in the country; to become a stepping stone for new artistic practices as well as to promote Bulgarian professionals in the field of theatre, dance and performance in a broader international context; to become a place for critical reflection and free discussion on the developments of independent theatre in the country.

As partner of the festival, CDF took care of the management of its 3th edition in 2013.


Let's Play Culture

Let’s play culture is a web platform for cultural management. It is designed to help Bulgarian cultural managers, organizations and individuals to find opportunities in the field of fundraising, project writing and management, and professional development. It provides information for funds and open calls, professional networks, interviews with cultural managers, and examples of good practices.

The web platform is part of the project Let’s play culture – platform for cultural management which will be developed in different formats.


Alphapretation Bulgaria

When Bulgaria joined the European Union in 2007, the Cyrillic alphabet became the third official alphabet in the EU. Alphapretation Bulgaria is a project that sees the alphabet as more than just a set of graphic signs - it interprets it as a unifying code of cultural symbols that represent our identity.

The exhibition name "Alphapretation Bulgaria" is a newly coined word derived from the words "Alphabet" and "Interpretation". The link between the main ingredients of the exhibition resides in the interpretation of the alphabet.

All 30 letters of the Cyrillic alphabet are related to 30 symbols of Bulgarian daily life, values and mentality – banitza and boza, the town of Gabrovo, Todor Zhivkov, roses, tobacco, nodding to say 'no', Sofia, bread, chalga, Golden Sands, yogurt, etc. These letter/word combinations are used to inspire fifteen Bulgarian designers and design studios – Dinko Gospodinov - Gradinko, Iassen Markov, Valeri Gyurov, Good Monday, Aleksandar Gerginov, Phormatik Visual LAB, Svetlana Mircheva, Mihail Mihaylov, Vitto Valentinov, Robert Kreuzinger, Krassen Krustev, Nagledna, Vassil Iliev, Vicky Кnysh, Poststudio. They were completely free to interpret visually their personal views in a contemporary way.

The exhibition is conceptualized as an open, traveling platform to represent Bulgaria to an international audience. It features contemporary Bulgarian artists and their interpretation of Bulgarian culture. The idea and layout were created by Lyudmila Stancheva and Nikalas Lankenau of Dusseldorf University, the Department of Communication Design.

Curators: Lyudmila Stancheva, Nikalas Lankenau, Velina Stoykova, Andrean Nechev

Texts by: Justyna Irla, Marta Kowalska, Karolina Wlodarczyk, Malgorzata Haznar under the guidance of Magdalena Pytlak from the Department of Bulgarian Studies at the University of Krakow.

Coordinator: Culture Desk Foundation

An initiative of the National Cultural Institute at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.